Shots as classy as you! Ethyl Ambrosia gel shots are the perfect combination of classy and ready to make you sassy! Shipped to you, ready-to-serve in our sophisticated stemware and game changing push up packaging, these shots are sure to elevate every celebration!

Not only do these shots look great, but they are sure to have your taste buds dancing! Formulated by one of the nation’s top scientists, we use a proprietary seaweed base rather than gelatin, making our product both VEGAN and naturally temperature stable. Not to mention, they have one heck of a kick. Every shot contains 15% alcohol by volume!

We currently have 4 flavors – Rosé, Moscow Mule, Mojito, and Citrus Punch (which is a flavor you can custom select your color! Perfect for tailgates or special events). And they won’t break the bank. Each shot only costs $3.00 and are sold in custom 20 count mix & match party packs.

About Ethyl Ambrosia: Ethyl Ambrosia was founded by Austin entrepreneur Dee Dee Bryant, with a vision that these shots will be the catalyst for bringing people together. Our first product, the gel shot re-imagined, is specifically designed for group celebration moments such as tailgates, bachelorette parties, or corporate events. So no matter if it is a 30th birthday extravaganza or a charity gala, our shots will provide the moment where people come together, laugh, cheers, and let themselves fully engage! The goal is to give consumers the sense of freedom from their younger years but with the quality and class they deserve today.

Ethyl Ambrosia opened its doors for business on August 24th, 2019. They self manufacture their product at their manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.

To try Ethyl Ambrosia shots you can visit their tasting room at 12440 Trail Driver St. Suite 207 Austin, Texas 78737 (Hours: Th-F: 11 AM – 6 PM, Sat 11AM – 3 PM).

To Purchase: Order online for delivery (currently shipping only in Texas), or purchase in store (M-F 10 AM – 6 PM & Sat 11 AM – 3 PM)

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