Shots as classy as you! We may not be 21 anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun! Ethyl Ambrosia gel shots are the perfect combination of classy and ready to make you sassy! Shipped to you, ready-to-serve in our sophisticated, and innovative stemware packaging, these shots are sure to elevate every celebration!

Not only do these shots look great, but they are sure to have your taste buds dancing! Formulated by one of the nation’s top scientists, we use a proprietary seaweed base rather than gelatin, making our product both vegan friendly and naturally temperature stable. Not to mention, they have one heck of a kick. Every shot contains 15% alcohol by volume!

Ethyl Ambrosia is located in Dripping Springs. You can check them out online at their website Also, be sure to give them a follow on social media.

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