How long do they last? And how do I store them?

For best quality we recommend consuming the shots within 30 days from receiving your shipment.  Because we use seaweed, rather than gelatin, the product will not melt, so no need to refrigerate.  However, for best taste, we recommend you store them in any cool dry place (ie we do not recommend storing them in an outside shed in TX), but anywhere you would keep a bottle of red wine will do for these.

What is delivery time, and can I schedule a specific day for delivery?

Your order will ship within 1 – 3 business days of being placed.  We ship via UPS from Austin TX.  So depending on delivery time selected, and your delivery address, the time to deliver will vary anywhere from 1 – 5 days.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.  Any updates you would like to make to the delivery day and or time, can be made directly with UPS. The information to do so is below:
If you would like to schedule your delivery, you can do so by setting up a free UPS MyChoice account.  To do this you can:

  1. Sign up for an account at: https://www.ups.com/us/en/services/tracking/mychoice.page.
  2. Once you receive a UPS Tracking number from Ethyl Ambrosia you can log into your UPS MyChoice and click on Manage Home Deliveries under the Quick Start menu.

What is the nutritional information for the shots?

Each shot (50 ml) contains:  75 calories: 8.5g sugar, and 9g total carbohydrates.

Are they gluten free?

Yes! Our shots are 100% gluten free!

Do you ship them refrigerated?

No.  Because we use our proprietary vegan gel base, which is made up of 3 different kinds of seaweed, our product is naturally temperature stable.  Unlike gelatin, our vegan gel base is stable in nearly all climate conditions, and will maintain both its texture, flavor, and safety up to 130°F.

You say they are temperature stable.  Does that mean they are full of preservatives?

Absolutely not.  Our proprietary vegan gel base is all natural.  It is made up of 3 different kinds of seaweed, meaning that it is made to maintain its form and flavor naturally up to 130°F.  Not even a Texas summer can mess with it!

Isn’t all gelatin vegan?

No.  Most gel based products use actual gelatin, which is a protein prepared from boiling the bones and hides of animals.  We do not use this! Our product is 100% vegan, made by using a proprietary seaweed blend that mimics the texture of gelatin.  This means that the animals will thank us and so will you, because this seaweed blend means that our products won’t melt in the summer heat.

I didn’t think you could ship alcohol to people, how can you ship these to me?

We are working to obtain permits for all 42 states that allow wine shipments. Please see our home page for the states we are currently permitted to ship to!  Follow us on Instagram or check back here to see updates.  We can ship to any state in which you can receive out of state wine shipments.

You don’t ship to my state, why is that?

We are working fast and furiously to receive our out of state shippers permit in your state.  Once we get it, we will let you know!

I live in Austin, can I just come pick up my product?

Yes.  We are located at 12440 Trail Driver St. Suite 207, Austin TX 78737.  If you would prefer to pick up your product from our facility, just give us a call.  We usually will have the standard flavors ready for pick up at any time.  If you would like customization, please give us 48 hours.

Are these meant for college kids?

No.  We do love college kids, and by all means, they will love these too, but these are meant for the Modern You.  They are elegant, sophisticated, sexy, classy, and a little sassy.  These shots give you the feeling of freedom from your college days but with the sophistication of the Modern You.

You say I won’t have to use my finger to get the product out, how does that work?

You are correct.  There is nothing sexy, or clean about using a dirty finger to dislodge the product from a shot glass.  So we remedied this.  Our shots come in a stemmed glass, that looks like a mini dessert cup.  When you want to eat the product, simply twist the stem and push.  There is a false bottom that will push the product up.

When I receive the product, do I need to do anything special with them?

Nope.  They are ready to consume.  However, we do recommend refrigerating them just for taste purposes.  Just like any other shot, chilling it makes it taste so much better.

Are the cups re-usable or recyclable?

Yes.  The cups are both re-usable and 100% recyclable.  Please be kind to our environment and recycle or re-use.