Jell-O shots, the ubiquitous boozy party snack, are the star of a new Texas company and tasting roomEthyl Ambrosia sells upscale iterations of the college-party staple — referred to as gel shots — online as well as through a tasting room found on 12440 Trail Driver Street in Dripping Springs, which opened Saturday, August 24. Bonus: The shots are vegan, too.

Owner Dee Dee Bryant, who worked in the consumer packaged goods industry, wanted to create something that worked well for large parties, i.e., tailgates and bachelorettes. “The goal is that [the products] give consumers the sense of freedom they had in their younger years,” she told Eater, “but with the quality and class they deserve today.”

Ethyl Ambrosia’s current flavor lineup include rosé, Moscow mule, mojito, and citrus punch (the latter of which can be color-customized). Each individual shot comprises 15 percent alcohol, which Bryant likens to drinking half a glass of wine. The shots come in a special push-up container that look like miniature wine glasses, making it easier to consume in one gulp or several bites.

To create the vegan version of the gelatin product, Bryant worked with food scientist Mike Eisenmenger. The resulting shot makes use of a seaweed base, which means it’s more difficult to melt during the hot Texas summers.