Swanky Shots

Shots As Classy As You Are

Shipped to you in our elegant stemware packaging, these shots are elegant, sophisticated, and classy enough for every celebration! From Birthday Parties to Wedding Receptions, these shots are sure to be your perfect plus one.

Seaweed Based

Yes! Our Shots Really Are Vegan

Rather than using gelatin, which is made up of animal by-products, and often has a sticky weird texture, we decided to elevate the game. We turned to one of the nation’s top gel scientists to help us create a vegan and properly textured gel base, and man did he deliver! Using 3 forms of seaweed, he created the best gel we have ever had.

Cocktail Inspired

So Delicious We Call Them Dessert Shots

With cocktail inspired recipes and 15% alcohol, these boozy dessert shots are sure to have your taste buds, and you, dancing . We are currently offering 4 mouth watering flavors:

Rosé | Moscow Mule | Mojito | Citrus Punch*

*Plus our Citrus Punch comes in 4 colors (Red | Blue | Green | Orange) making it the perfect addition for Holiday Parties, Tailgates, and Corporate Events.

Temperature Stable

The Shots Don’t Melt. Thanks Seaweed!

Seriously, they don’t melt! Because we use a seaweed gel, rather than gelatin, our product will maintain its consistency up to 130F, making them perfect for a day at the beach, on a boat, or as the centerpiece display at your garden party.

Game Changing

Our Push-Up Cup Will Change Your Life

Everyone loves a jello shot, especially when they taste as good as Ethyl’s, but no one likes the moment you have to use your finger or tongue to eat it. And we don’t either! Thus we invented our beautiful push up cup! These cups are game changing! Simply:
•Twist the stem
•Push the stem up
•Enjoy with ease

Making Every Party Instagram Goals